Vitality Care Institute (VCI) for Personal and Professional Effectiveness exists for the expressed purpose of equipping those who serve in ministry and other 'care giving' vocations in the process of gaining and maintaining the personal vitality essential for effective service to others and enable them to reach their fullest God-given potential.

The mission is implemented through both PROACTIVE and RESTORATIVE efforts. VCI is designed specifically for the vocational care giver and their respective organization.

WHO can utilize the services of VCI?
Families of those who serve in vocations of people helping and care giving such as:

• Ministry professionals
• Church workers
• Educators
• Healthcare workers
• Probation officers
• Non-profit officers
• Counselors
• Therapists (physical, speech)
• Social workers

Organizations whom we serve, involve the following:

• Ministry organizations
• Churches
• Missions
• Non-Profit organizations
• Healthcare institutions
• Public service organization
• Social service agencies
• Educational institutions