Proactive Renewal Programs for Organizations

Prospective employee screenings
…such as a WorkStyle Profile and utilizing a variety of other assessment tools that can be utilized by the non-profit organization or ministry. Selection of the best employee can play a key role in the overall vitality of a non-profit team.

Patterning & Mapping Process
…is a strength-based process profiling patterns and identifying the context in which a vocational care-giver experience the most fulfillment, highest level of vitality, greatest challenge, and most effectiveness. (Patterning and Mapping is approximately a 12 hour processes)

Training Workshops/Seminars
…aimed at improving effectiveness on vocational people helpers and the non-profit team.



• Strength Based Model: of working with others

• Getting Along With Difficult People’: Gaining an understanding of unique personality differences and learning to build on the strengths of those on the team.

• Thinking Errors: Identifying the ‘thinking errors’ that lead to destructive behaviors and learning to change those ‘thinking patterns’ to the more positive patterns.

• Making Your Point: Techniques of motivating others and clearly communicate in a manner that encourages receptivity. Learn the power of positive confrontation.

• Maintaining Vitality in A Stressful People Helping Profession: Learn strategies to move you from being ‘stressed out’ to possessing more personal vitality. This seminar will help the team increase and maintain enthusiasm /passion in difficult times.

• Team Strength Profiling: Becoming more effective as a team by appreciating one another’s strengths and contribution to the team.

• Working With Complicated Kids’: Motivating the more difficult child by identifying their strengths; a special emphasis is focused on the hyperactive child.

• The Short Order Cook: Is there training that the organization needs not listed here? Let us know, we may have a presenter with the expertise in the requested area.